House Rules

Dear Guests!
We kindly welcome you in our chalet solewerk and are pleased that you have chosen this chalet. As you might have noticed, we have taken a lot of effort in the establishment and design of the apartments. The following house rules are to give you an idea about how we think the rented apartment should be properly handled.



Should you miss anything in the facility or need help, please do not hesitate to contact to. All things that are in the apartment may be used by our guests.


Due Diligence

We kindly ask that you treat the apartment and its contents and furnishings respectfully. Please comply with these House Rules. The front door and the windows must be closed when leaving the house to prevent possible damage from storms, burglary or theft. Protecting the Environment please make sparing use of resources such as water and electricity.



The apartment is equipped with a free of charge Internet access (W-LAN).


Towels and Sheets

For the duration of your stay we provide bed linen and towels for you. Before departure, please leave all used household lines on the floor.



The kitchen is fully equipped. Please use all kitchen equipment and technical devices carefully. Please put the dishes only in clean condition back into the cabinets. The same applies to cutlery, pots and appliances that have been used. No waste, leftovers, noxious liquids, grease or the like are allowed to be thrown or poured into the sink, as this can lead to costly blockages otherwise.



No leftovers, hygiene products, harmful liquids, grease or similar waste, may be disposed of in the shower, the bathtub or the toilet. In case of an infringement it can lead to a costly congestion.


Waste Disposal

Please store your garbage and waste in the designated orange trash bags. The trash bags can be disposed of in the appropriate containers on the street at the bus stop.


Rest Periods

The public rest periods such as night and Sunday rest times apply and should be observed. Also, in the apartment a night's rest time applies daily from 22:00 to 7:00 o’clock. All brought or contained electrical appliances in the apartment are to be operated at a moderate volume.


Entering the apartments

We kindly ask you, in particular in autumn and winter month, to not enter the apartments with street shoes. Furthermore, we ask that Ski equipment is exclusively stored within the designated lockers.



Smoking is prohibited in the apartments. However, you are allowed to smoke on the balconies / terrace.



are generally not allowed.



In case something breaks, please report the damage immediately. We would like to avoid any inconvenience for you in this regard.


Loss of Keys

The loss of any keys must be reported to us immediately.



On departure day our guests should release the apartments before 11:00 o’clock. Please leave all received keys inside the apartment. Upon your departure the apartment shall look again as you found it, as far as possible.


We wish you a pleasant stay, a lot of fun, relaxation and recreation. For questions we are at your disposal.